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What’s Packed into those
20 Minutes?

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High Intensity
Full Body Workout 

Just 20 Minutes A Week!



Concept 10 10’s scientific approach to fitness lies within our unique equipment, trained staff and one of a kind concept.

You will always experience a personal one on one approach. A personal trainer will set up the equipment prior to your arrival and be with you, one on one, supervising you through the entire workout, from beginning till end, each time, always.

Concept 10 10’s approach is backed by years of research with amazing results, all while offering the best cardio you can get.

Do you have 20 minutes? Come in for a complimentary session and see for yourself.

Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy was really out of shape when he first started at Concept 10 10…(more…)

Bob Harden
Local talk radio host
Bob Harden, 65, said he heard about Concept 10 10… (more…)

Our Clients Speak Up!
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Dr. Robert G. Riebesell

Dr. Robert Riebesell, often called Dr. Bob by his clients, has almost 30 years of experience…(more…)

USA Commercial

This television commercial highlights how Concept 10 10 has a scientifically designed system to improve fitness ans strength in undeer 20 minutes a week…(more…)